March 2, 2015
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4 Things You Should Avoid When Taking Passport Photos

Whether you are going for a family vacation to a foreign country or romantic holiday with your partner, you need a passport. Your first step after planning to go, even before your purchases your tickets, is to do the not so fun, but totally necessary passport application.

From all the important things related to the passport application, you need to have a high-quality photo. But do you know what makes a great passport photo? From your facial expression to the dress you wear, there are several factors which are important for the passport photo. Whether you are getting passport photos online or some store, you should avoid following things when taking passport photos.

Passport Photos Online

Any Kind of Uniform

You can’t click your passport photograph in any kind of uniform, including military and law enforcement uniforms. The diplomats or another official who already got approval can wear uniforms. Also, exceptions are for those who wear their uniforms during traveling such as flight attendants or pilots.

Headwear That Completely Covers Your Hairline

You cannot wear scarves, hat while taking your passport photo. But if it is a part of your religious like a headscarf or turban, you are allowed to wear. Even then, you face must be clearly visible from your hairline to your chin and from the front of one ear to the front of the other.

Sunglasses or Spectacles

No matter its passport photos online or photo store you are not allowed to sunglasses or tinted eyeglasses in your passport photos. If you normally wear spectacles, you can wear them as long as the frames don’t cover your eyes. If you use tinted glasses for medical reasons, you may have to provide a signed medical statement. Also, you are not allowed to wear contact lenses that make your irises appear smaller or larger or obscure your eyes.

Anything Temporary

Lastly, you can’t wear anything temporary like headphones, Bluetooth devices, temporary tattoos or team logos from a sporting event. The background of the photo should be white, so contrasting clothing is the best. Keep in mind that immigration officials you may need help from while traveling can be humorless, so use a natural facial expression in your passport photo.

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